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  2. Caught this striking #harajuku fashion statement  in #hayesvalley #sf  (at Mercury Cafe)

    Caught this striking #harajuku fashion statement in #hayesvalley #sf (at Mercury Cafe)

  3. 28 May 2013

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    Aaron White: How I Beat the World High Score in Dots (hint: I cheated) →


    Nothing unlocks your inner hacker like some friendly competition between friends. So when friend Brian Balfour threw down a Dots gauntlet with a high score of 479 I knew I had to end him. And not just him, but I wanted to shame ALL Dots competitors.

    The first obvious strategy for dots is to…

  4. A satisfying day at work as a mobile test engineer.

    A satisfying day at work as a mobile test engineer.

  5. #shark #jaws #chalk #chalkboard #swimming #peril #364plus1 (at Pause Wine Bar)

    #shark #jaws #chalk #chalkboard #swimming #peril #364plus1 (at Pause Wine Bar)

  6. Deploying your app to a device →

    If you’re trying to deploy app builds to devices, here’s a little help, since I wish it had been a bit navigate myself.

  7. My friend’s annual chocolate tasting party is a noteworthy event. I’ve attended 3 of the 4 tastings hosted since 2007. Each time Christine (with the help of a few good friends) gathers roughly 40-50 different chocolates and we (upwards of 50-80 guests) spend a few hours pouring over the nibbles contemplating aroma, texture, aftertaste, and trying our best not to sound repetitive in our comments. Our palettes are refreshed with many infused waters, flavored hummuses, breads, cheeses and a homemade highly creamy duck-egg vanilla ice cream. This year my favorite was a swiss chocolate masquerading under the bird-name “Stilt” and revealed to be a Swiss 72% cacao chocolate named “Zartbitter 72%” manufactured by Schweizers. I cannot find a great link for that specific product, but seeing a general preference for Swiss and German chocolate after the whole fiasco gave some solid backing to the idea that  the U.S. manufactures have nothing on these cultures of decadence. Until next year…

    p.s. The results from each year are compiled here: http://chocolatestatistics.blogspot.com/

  8. Appium on a device


    node server.js —udid <udid> —app <bundleid> —launch 1


    1. Connect your device
    2. Launch Xcode
    3. Select to open Organizer from ‘Window’ menu
    4. Find your device on the left and *click*
    5. See the information should provide you a device id.
    • something like this: 65cbd398eb416e5ca1fcc83c7c3ef0882842efcc


    1. In XCode, select your project and the target you are building
    2. Select the ‘info’ tab. 
    3. Use the ‘Bundle Identifier’ value as your bundleid

  9. Genius. He&#8217;s headed to a mate&#8217;s annual SuberB owl party. #superbowl #random (at Victoria Liquor &amp; Groceries)

    Genius. He’s headed to a mate’s annual SuberB owl party. #superbowl #random (at Victoria Liquor & Groceries)